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Praying Hands
by Terry Lanford on July 26th, 2016

A few years ago while visiting India, I took a trip in a taxi. The driver, who was Hindu, had statues and images of Buddha and several other “gods” attached to the car’s dash.  After I revealed myself as a Christian, the driver made sure to show me his small image of baby Jesus in a manger.  He was intent on covering all his bases when it came to worship.  

The first commandment taught us who God is. The focus is on His exclusivity. The second commandment taught us how to worship the One and Only.

When Jealousy Is a Good Thing

by Terry Lanford on July 13th, 2016

Credibility is huge. The value of words are judged by the credibility of the speaker. Before God introduced Himself in the form of the Ten Commandments, He explained to the Israelites why they needed to listen. God told Moses to tell the people that He had carried them on eagle’s wings and He had chosen them out of all nations to be His treasured possession (Exodus 19:4-5).  He reminded them of what He did for them, “I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery” (Exodus 20:2).

The Big Mac or the Ten Commandments?

by Terry Lanford on June 8th, 2016

I read about a survey done a few years ago that said 80% of Americans can recognize the ingredients in a Big Mac to 60% who can recognize a statement as one of the Ten Commandments.  Let’s see. How does it go? I remember a little song: “Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.”  I am not sure that’s exactly correct but it’s close and I am showing my age. McDonald’s certainly had a very effective marketing program. Do you know the Ten Commandments as well as you know an advertising jingle?

The Walking Dead

by Terry Lanford on April 28th, 2016

I have a number of friends who watch the popular television show, “The Walking Dead.” I tried an episode but just couldn’t get into it. My friends say they watch for the drama. I find that funny, yet I cannot point a judging finger because I have also temporarily suspended rational thought and enjoyed weird, bizarre and totally unreal stories. I guess I am not a dead head. Zombie stories are not my thing. Having said that, there is story I like that’s found in Scripture about a guy who died, decayed and came back to life.  Who knew?

How Does Bluetooth Relate to Lepers?

by Terry Lanford on March 2nd, 2016

Bluetooth technology allows Bluetooth equipped electronic devices to communicate via a short range wireless link. Bluetooth technology was named for a second century king of Denmark, Harald Bluetooth, who united Scandinavia. Mobile phones can be connected wirelessly to laptops, radios and audio speakers. Bluetooth bridges gaps and unites equipment that a few years ago required expensive cables. A miracle of Jesus, while having nothing to do with technology that came alone two thousand years later, illustrates the critical importance of bridging a significant gap. 

Why Have Dinner With Pharisees?

by Terry Lanford on February 18th, 2016

At every turn, Jesus had conflict with the Pharisees. He had harshly condemned them because of their greed and wickedness, so why did they invite Him to dinner (Luke 11:37-52)? Why did He accept their invitation?  

What Trumps Our Boundaries?

by Terry Lanford on February 16th, 2016

Luke 13:10-17

Why Wash in a Pool Called Sent?

by Terry Lanford on February 11th, 2016

After rubbing dirt and saliva in the blind man’s eyes, Jesus sent the man to the pool of Siloam (John 9:6-7). John tells us that Siloam means “sent.” How the pool earned this name is not clear. Jesus, who was sent by the Father, sent the blind man to wash in a pool called sent. The man is healed and quickly becomes a witness of the power of Christ. 

Why Saliva and Dirt? (John 9 - Reversing Tragedy- Part 2)

by Terry Lanford on February 8th, 2016

After He (Jesus) said these things He spit on the ground, made some mud from the saliva, and spread the mud on his eyes.  “Go,” He told him, “wash in the pool of Siloam” (which means “Sent”). So he left, washed, and came back seeing. - John 9:6-7

Jesus put spit and dirt in the blind man’s eyes! We know that Jesus healed others with just a word or a touch. In fact, Jesus healed some, like the Roman centurion’s servant, who’s physical location was many miles away (Luke 7:1-10). Why use mud?

Reversing Tragedy- Blind from Birth (John 9 - Part 1)

by Terry Lanford on February 2nd, 2016

There he sat in total darkness. There was light all around but he could not comprehend it. When Jesus and His disciples came upon this man who was blind from birth, the disciples wanted to turn the man’s tragic situation into a theological discussion. They asked, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind” (John 9:2)?  Jesus said “neither” and preceded to move the conversation toward revelation and compassion.



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